In Memoriam - Beatty, Q.T. Back

Beatty, Q.T. - In October 2006, this beautiful girl showed up on our back porch, We concluded that she was a stray and that she was in dire need of help ; upon closer examination - she had an infected toe ; didn't require that much of a closer examination because she was a polydactyl i.e. extra toes on her front paws ; in fact - later on when we'd decided to take her in - one of the names we considered was "man hands" ; another was "pretty poly". Given that she was so noisy when we first took her in - we thought it would be funny to call her QT i.e. that reference to silence - as in "on the qt..." ; her endearing pterodactyl-like meow sealed the deal. We didn't recognize that she was noisy because she was in heat. We had her spayed...and her noises "normalized" ; once she'd been cleaned up and had had her infected paw treated, she blossomed into this beautiful cat you see here. Although she loved me and my mother - she was head over heels with my brother Shawn. Whenever she saw him she would meow incessantly and demand to be petted ; nor was it easy for Shawn to get away. QT's "fixation" with Shawn never wore off ; for whatever reason - her reaction was even more extreme when she encountered Shawn outside. We were always so grateful that she'd showed up on our back porch 12 years ago - asking us to be her family and to love her ; and if there is some indefinable communion between all living creatures - both here and gone - wherever she is now, we hope QT knows that we were and are honoured that she chose us to be her family. We miss you little one. Love, Mike and Shawn

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