In Memoriam - Rutherford, Echo Back

Rutherford, Echo sadly has crossed over to the rainbow bridge on October 16, 2018. Echo was born August 12, 2005 and was the faithful companion and best friend to Glenn Rutherford. Echo was a gentle soul who could calm or charm anyone. Glenn loved Echo and her wild side which involved chasing leaves, snow, waves at the dog beach or even kicked dandelion heads. When Echo was younger squirrels, rabbits and deer were fair game for herding. Echo had to be the last one on the trail, digging her imaginary holes and her ghost dog routine disappearing then suddenly appearing in the place she wasn’t minutes before. Echo was always hungry, with a nose for food. She would run into a burning building for that crust of mouldy bread. Echo will be sadly missed. Cremation arrangements were entrusted to Peterborough Pet Memorial who are honoured to care for Echo and her family. 705-775-5736

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