In Memoriam - Anderson, Daisy Back

Anderson, Daisy sadly crossed over the rainbow bridge March 2, 2019. Daisy was born April 27, 2014 and was full of energy at all times on the day. She had a huge personality for a little girl, always very sassy! As soon as you would enter the room, or she knew you were home, she would start speaking and running around excited to see you. Daisy was the best little cuddle buddy and would sit on the couch to watch TV and it almost looked like she really was watching the TV. She loved to chase people and happily squeak as she did so, but if she ever caught up, you would have to be careful she didn't nibble your toes. When I would hold her, she curled up on my shoulder and make little purring sounds. Daisy will be missed so much by her mom and family. Cremation arrangements were entrusted to Peterborough Pet Memorial who are honoured to care for Daisy and her family. 705-775-5736

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