In Memoriam - Lafferty-Myles, Mungo Back

Mungo “Muffy” Lafferty-Myles December 1, 2006 – February 27, 2019 Mungo is from the Gaelic “Moongun” meaning “my beloved wolf”. Like his namesake, Muffy was absolutely beloved by all who knew him. He was the sweetest soul, so sensitive and affectionate, and loved affection in return. His only demand was all of your attention all of the time. He liked to lean on you, be a speed bump to try to stop you from leaving for work, and sleep on you while hogging all the blankets. He loved his fluffy orange chair and getting as close to the fireplace as possible. He loved napping on the living room sofa so that he could keep watch out the window for your return home. Muffy was a constant companion who loved running and galloping in his younger days, sunning himself on hot days, car rides while leaning on the center console and looking out the moon roof, as well as walks on warm days. He loved eating his favorite food, pizza, and his own burger meal at the drive thru, as well as marrowbone treats (he was obsessed with the treat cupboard). His favorite tv channel was Love Nature, but he was famous for also being a reliable movie companion. Mungo was beautiful inside and out. When he was just thirteen months old, Muffy was diagnosed with Addison’s disease and followed a strict medication and environmental regime to prevent stress and the autoimmune consequences. We have been so blessed to have enjoyed Muffy’s company since his diagnosis so many years ago. His brother Buck left us on April 28, 2011, who Mungo deeply missed for the rest of his life. His cousin Lennox has been looking for him and his girlfriend Arizona, who came over for sleepovers, will miss him. Dear Muff, Mommy and daddy are heartbroken and love you so much. Life has lost its luster without you. You are our sweet baby and always will be. We love you with all our hearts. Mungo stayed emotionally and cognitively bright until he decided to leave us the evening of Wednesday, February 27th, 2019. Allan and Rachel were with him when he passed away. Allan Myles & Rachel Lafferty, Peterborough ON Mungo’s cremation arrangements were entrusted to Rachel at Peterborough Pet Memorial. 705-775-5736

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