In Memoriam - McElroy, Willow Back

McElroy, Willow- was such a good girl. Willow made her journey across the rainbow bridge on May 10, 2019 at Cavan Hills Veterinarian Clinic. Willow was born November 12, 2009. At the age of 6 months old the world was ready to give up on her. She had been abused and was labeled aggressive, destructive, violent, and they said she could not be retrained. As a result they were going to put her down. But when Bee saw her she saw the love and potential in her beautiful brown eyes. Thus begining her 9 year journey that started with a lot of patience, training, and a whole lot of love. At the time, Bee was in an Outdoor adventure program and would take Willow with her on outings. Willow went on camping trips where she would have her own backpack to carry her dog food. She went canoeing, whitewater rafting and hiking. She loved being outdoors, going on adventures, and getting very wet and muddy. But she loved nothing more than being at her mom's side. A few years later Willow got another mum and brother, Quinn. They grew together and formed an inseparable bond. She loved being on the farm where we lived; running so happy and free. Her favourite toy was any ball she could get her mouth on. She would light up a room with her energy and would go to anyone offering attention. She was incredibly strong surviving her past and fought until the very end. She is deeply missed and forever loved <3 <3 Cremation arrangements are entrusted to Peterborough Pet Memorial who are honored to care for Willow and her family. 705-775-5376

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