Meet Rachel

My name is Rachel Benson. I was born near Bowmanville but have spent most of my life in the Peterborough area. My family has a farm near the Ganaraska Forest. Animals have been an important part of my entire life. In May 2018, I graduated from Humber College with my Funeral Preplanner Certificate. I felt this education would equip me with the knowledge and skills in working with the Bereaved.

I was fortunate enough to meet Nancy and Colin, the proprietors and animal lovers themselves, of Thistledown Pet Memorial in Uxbridge. We share the same values and a common goal in providing care and support to deceased pets and their grieving families. It continues to be a wonderful experience, being mentored by them both.

Family is extremely important to me. My daughter Mady and my son Brandon also share my love and enthusiasm for animals. Animals are usually a significant part of my family gatherings. My love for animals was nurtured by my late Aunt Cindy whom I admire greatly for the care she had for all of her farm animals.

Being able to care for deceased pets who brought joy and comfort to humans during their short time on earth is a privilege and an honour. As a pet owner and an animal lover, I can truly share with my clients, the grief and bereavement one experiences when a loving pet dies.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. If you would like to meet me in person you can reach me via email any time The trust you may decide to place in me is a great gift. My pledge is to provide dignified and affordable care to those loyal companions who give everything of themselves and expect only nourishment and a safe place to rest in return.

I believe that the care you give your pet at the end of his or her life, should be nothing short of your caring while they were with you here on earth. It is an honour to be able to care for you and your pet at this difficult time.

Yours truly,

Rachel Benson